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GIFT Chaplaincy Team Development Plan 2018-2019

Mrs Bentley and the GIFT Team attended a celebration day at St. Mary’s Priory. GIFT teams from across Salford Diocese came together to celebrate all of the work we are doing in our schools and parishes. We took part in workshops to gather ideas on things we can do in school and we can’t wait to put our ideas into action!

Worship, Witness, Welfare, Welcome, Word – During the build up to Easter, the GIFT Team ran a Lenten prayer group. We discussed that Lent is a special time when we think about our own actions and sacrifices as well as what we can do for others. As part of this, we made Easter prayer cards and spent time decorating them. Children from right across the school attended every day and these were given out to our local parishioners at mass. We thoroughly enjoyed making them and they were a tremendous success – a huge thank you to all children who contributed to this.