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In September 2018 St Richard’s received some very exciting news, we have been included in this year’s Parliamentary Review for Primary Schools.  We have been chosen for our outstanding practice in many areas.  The school’s profile is part of a reporting document that every school in the North West of England will received.  There is a forward by the Prime Minister, Theresa May and the Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds.  You can see the whole report online at under the section Primary Schools (Greater Manchester).  We are very proud of this achievement.

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We are passionate about READING AT ST RICHARD’S!  We were one of the twelve schools selected by OFSTED to take part in the Reading by Six Survey – How the best schools do it.

Reading for pleasure is at the heart of all our teaching of reading.

Evidence supports what we have always believed – that reading for pleasure enables children to excel in all curriculum areas.

“To learn to read is to light a fire,

Every syllable that is spelled out…..

Is a spark!”  Victor Hugo

We have had so many special visitors this year who obviously agree with us!  They were equally impressed with our MATHS, especially with our 2015 SATs results of Level 4+  98%, Level 5+  74% and Level 6  20%.  We have averaged 73% Level 5 over the past 4 years!

Our Maths results in 2016 at KS2 were 91% pupils meeting expectations, with a high percentage of pupils exceeding expectations.

At St. Richard’s, we are proud of all our MATHEMATICIANS, and we continue to reinforce the existing practice that we already adhere to and concurs with the New Maths Curriculum which states:-

“A high-quality mathematics education provides a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically, an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.”

St Richard’s:  Special Invitation 2018

I am delighted to invite St Richard’s R.C. Primary School to appear in The Parliamentary Review 2018 showcasing the school’s best practice as a learning tool to the public and private sector, in particular those in education.

The key idea is to demonstrate how determined leadership and innovative thinking can turn around organisations or to highlight how organisations/individuals have become outstanding leaders in their field.  The contributors thus act as a template for reform.

Last year saw Theresa May (Prime Minister), Nick Gibb (Minister of State for School Standards and Minister for Equalities) and Lucy Powell (the Labour Party’s Education Select Committee representative) as well as numerous other Cabinet and senior ministers participate in the Review along with a number of the  UK’s leading officials from a variety of different industries.

St Richard’s: National Impact on Reading 2016-2017

We would like to thank your school for participating in the PIRLS 2016 study on pupils’ reading comprehension.  We appreciate the time and effort spent to make this happen, both by the teachers who contributed to the study and by the respective pupils in your school.  Your contribution to this research is invaluable for our understanding of the reading comprehension of pupils in England to inform the international perspective.  The participation of your school has contributed to a high response rate for England overall, meaning the data is more robust.

Thank you for taking the time to assist and contribute by making your school available for this valuable research.

The PIRLS results were released on 5 December 2017, showing that England has significantly improved its average reading performance compared to previous cycles.  In addition, the results from 2016 marks England’s highest average performance across all four PIRLS cycles.

October 2016

The school took part in a DfE national programme of qualitative research on school performance and disadvantaged pupils.  This was because our Pupil Premium children consistently perform as well as our non PP children.  This is an outstanding achievement and reflects our school’s philosophy of high expectations for all.

March 2016 – The Secretary of State for Education launched a white paper ‘Education Excellence Everywhere.’  This sets out the Department’s vision to deliver a world class education to every child wherever they live and whatever their background, ability or needs.  In light of this Mrs Sesnan has recently been approached by the DFE requesting St Richard’s take part in a study comparing high achieving schools in London and outside of London.  The research will focus on the characteristics and cultures of high achieving schools such as St Richard’s.  This is a compliment to our school and is a project for 2016-2017 that we are looking forward to being involved in.

Friday 25th September/2nd October 2015 – Stoke Premiership Partnership.  Mr Keyworth (Deputy Head) led a 2 day course for Maths Leaders in our school, exploring high-impact cross-curricular maths.  The course was entitled, ‘Mathematics in the Real World.’

We have had a number of schools visit us from all over the country and hopefully we have been able to share good practice.


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