Since the month of September is when Mary, Jesus’ Mother, celebrates her birthday, we each designed a birthday card. We considered the different things Mary did during her life and the times when she was a rock of support to Jesus. On the inside of our cards, we wrote a thank you to somebody in our lives who plays the role of a motherly figure just like Mary.

Our first CARITAS in action afternoon this year allowed us to think about our family and our wider community within Manchester. We thought of ways that we can build up our community and ensure that we aim to live together in true fellowship with one another. Some of our ideas included a cycle trail around the city, a city-wide treasure hunt, promoting active and healthy lifestyles through engagement with schools in a ‘have-a-go’ sporting experience, as well as many, many more. We presented our ideas in a written letter to our local MP and used the popular and current theme of the Manchester Worker Bee.

Our decade for the celebration of our school’s Golden Jubilee was the 1970s. In exploring this decade, we learnt about things which were happening in our school, the UK and even across the world! We discovered the inventions of this era and wrote a persuasive piece of writing about which invention we felt was the greatest. We practiced dancing like John Travolta in ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and since this was the decade that Picasso died in, we also produced some portraits in his style.

During our first Autumn half term, our school celebrated its Golden Jubilee and we worked alongside drama specialist Mr Kennedy to research, compose, produce and perform our interpretation of our school’s history. We had lots of fun during our sessions, which followed the ‘devising, rehearsing and performing’ structure.

In Geography, we have learnt how to use an atlas effectively to look up countries. We practiced using the index to discover the page numbers and coordinate. We have since learnt how to make use of other information displayed on the page such as the key and legend.

In PSHE, we took time to celebrate World Mental Health Day when we learnt the importance of ‘wellbeing’. This means taking time for some self-care and knowing that it is okay to have a variety of emotions. We were part of the BBC Live Teach Lesson and learnt techniques such as finger breathing, which we could use in our everyday lives.

In our Geography lessons, we have been getting to grips with using maps and atlases. At the end of our topic, we were challenged with planning a route. Miss Corrigan took us outside onto the playground to complete this lesson whilst orienteering. Using the eight-point compass, we had to direct our partner using a variety of maps.

For Black History Month, we learnt about the bravery and determination of two significant individuals. We explored the bravery of Nelson Mandela who continually fought for equality in South Africa and then learnt about the actions of Mary Seacole who became a British citizen. We produced collaborative pieces of artwork.

During November, we acknowledged the celebration of All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day in the liturgical year. Having looked into the history of these feast days, we each produced our very own stained glass window with a cross, which is often used as a symbol of All Saints’ and All Souls’. We also reflected upon the image, which is a hand from God, reaching down from heaven.

Our second CARITAS in action afternoon had us focus on the theme of Stewardship and in particular, looking at how we can be a good steward of our common home, the Earth. We watched an animation of Pope Francis’ letter entitled ‘Laudato Si’, which stressed the importance of us looking after our planet. We identified different actions we can take to show love for and to care for our home.

In PSHE, we reflected upon the significance of Remembrance Day. Across the school, we completed our minute’s silence as a mark of respect for all the soldiers who have lost their lives in battle. We then designed our very own silhouette piece of artwork. We decided silhouettes were a powerful way of showing an image due to the stark contrast.