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Time Travel Workshop – The Stages of Early Man

Our trip to the Marist Centre

History Mysteries – Solving Stonehenge

Class 6s Assembly – Sharing is Caring

Stone Age to Iron Age changes – the Beaker People

MLK Reflection Day

An ICT Volcano Exploration

Remembrance Day

Caritas in Action – Dignity of the Person

Caritas in Action – We are all connected

The meaning of the Advent Wreath

Christmas Nativity Competition

Class 6 joined a global explorer on a special drama expedition around the world! We learned all about volcanoes: how they are formed; what different states they can be in; where the biggest volcanoes can be found, and we even learned about tsunamis and earthquakes too! It was fun to travel the whole world without leaving Longsight!

Class 6 took a virtual trip into space to explore the solar system! We learned about the planets, their sizes and their environments, and we even learned the etymology of their names. Now we are planning to explore Copernicus, a famous astronomer who suggested that the sun was at the centre of the solar system!