Class 9 participated in a workshop by the Freshwater Theatre Company called Environment Alert!  They started by role-playing different polluted environments including traffic, litter and noise, as well as creating a recycling machine together using physical theatre and mime. They then voiced their concerns about environmental issues at the ‘Earth Summit’ and discussed how they can become empowered to take action and tackle climate change.

After discussing the characteristics of a Saint, Class 9 completed a piece of writing on ‘how to be like a Saint’. They then created stained glass windows to commemorate the Saints and as a reminder that God is always with us.

In ICT, Class 9 coded MicroBits with Ms Copley. They had to create a code on the computer, which corresponded to the lights on their MicroBit. When complete, the MicroBit lights would flash in the pattern of a beating heart.

We have been learning about the planets and space in our science topic this term. After completing a study of the phases of the moon, Class 9 recreated the phases using Oreo cookies as the moon. They then enjoyed a delicious snack!

This year, Class 9 participated in the Shakespeare School’s Festival. We would like to thank everybody who came out to support our performance of Macbeth on 5th November. The performance would not have been possible without our teacher-directors (Miss Smith and Mr. Sullivan) as well as the staff at the Z-Arts Centre. We were lucky enough to go and work with some professional actors who helped us fine-tune our performance.