Our Eco Council performs the function of both School Council and Eco-Squad.

The Eco Council is made up of a voted representative from each KS2 class (9 pupils in total).

The Eco-Council is involved in a variety of interesting initiatives that enhance different areas of school life, often with a focus on the environment – locally as well as globally.

The Eco-Council use many different skills whilst working as a team in order to generate and undertake interesting school-based projects.  Our Eco-Councillors are sure to always rise to the challenge with their interesting ideas.

Miss Corrigan meets with the School’s Eco Council on a regular basis.

We were delighted to find out that we would be getting a mural on our St Richard’s playground to improve
the appearance and celebrate biodiversity on our school grounds. The Eco Council worked alongside the
artist, Rich, to discuss design ideas and children across KS2 who contributed design ideas also received a
certificate. We were also fortunate enough to be able to see it be completed in person.
To continue our work to improve our local environment, we also completed a litter pick in our local area.
We spent a couple of hours cleaning up the roads that surround our school and the number of bags we
filled was rather surprising.
The KS2 Eco Council have recently completed a walk around our local area to locate nature murals which
celebrate local biodiversity. Rich, the artist who completed a mural at our school, joined us and helped us
to identify the variety of birds we saw whilst on our journey. Whilst out, we recorded the
different common British birds that we could see, and we even spotted a buzzard! The afternoon was
enjoyed very much by all.
On Friday 17th November, the UKS2 Eco Councillors represented our school at Mini COP28 hosted by
Gorton MP Afzal Khan. We presented a speech about nature and biodiversity, suggesting what schools can
do and there were also quilted squares for us to draw our thoughts about climate change.

Community Litter Pick

Mini COP28

Mural Walk

St Richard’s Mural



The photographs below are of the Eco-Council’s fact-finding visit to Levenshulme Bee Sanctuary in June 2022 and of the Eco-Council planting bee-friendly plants around the school grounds.