Our Caritas Ambassador Team is made up of ten Year Five pupils who each volunteered for this special mission. It is our role to promote social change within our school and local community. We have many special projects planned for this year, so keep checking back to see what we have been doing!

Kathryn Ansley came in to deliver a special assembly to KS2. She outlined the role of Caritas in the Diocese of Salford and how we can help to support. During the assembly, we introduced our new Caritas Ambassador team for 2019-2020 and our planned projects for the year.

Our Caritas Ambassadors led their first project of the year by collecting food for the Cornerstone Centre. Cornerstone do fabulous work to help people facing a wide range of social issues. We were overwhelmed by all of the donations we received and we went down the centre to drop the food off ourselves. Thank you to all who contributed!

Denis – We have made a big difference with our food donations. We are just getting started on our mission and I cannot wait to lead on other projects in school. 

Kenzie – I enjoyed visiting the centre and I hope that our donations go a long way to help people in need.  

Megan – I feel good about what we did because it means that these people will have something to eat. I hope that it makes them happy.