The mission of St Richard’s is that we know, love and follow Christ

by looking after each other and trying our best every day


We will know Christ by…

  • Praying
  • Going to Mass
  • Being fully involved in our assemblies, collective worship and class prayers
  • Working hard in our Religion lessons
  • Hearing the messages contained in the Gospels


We will love Christ by …

  • Loving each other as He loved us
  • Praising and worshipping Him
  • Trying to follow His example
  • Welcoming and caring for everyone, no matter what their situation, background, race, gender,age, disability or religion


We will follow Christ by …

  • Helping those less fortunate than ourselves
  • Forgiving each other
  • Sharing His unconditional love
  • Practising His example and that of the saints and other holy people


We will look after each other by …

  • Listening to each other
  • Saying sorry when we make a mistake
  • Being polite to each other
  • Being full of care and respect for each other
  • Taking on responsibilities for others


We will try our best by …

  • Listening carefully to our teachers and staff in school
  • Giving our best in every lesson
  • Persevering, showing resilience and not giving up
  • Coming to school on time every day