St. Richard’s R. C. Primary School

We are striving to produce a menu for all pupils and staff that will exceed all expectations of school food, all our menus meet the school food standards.  As well as the choices listed on the daily menu we also serve daily the following items:

  • Fresh salad,
  • A variety of fresh fruit,
  • Fresh yoghurts,
  • A variety of breads,
  • Water is freely available to all pupils,
  • We will also produce according to the time of year themed menus that may be linked to the curriculum and seasonal choices.

The catering department are open to any suggestions/ideas for theme days from either the pupils, parents or staff.  Our aim is for the children to be aware of the necessity for a balanced diet, and the importance of healthy eating.  The message of healthy living is threaded through the school.

Our School Dinner Menus

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